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We Laughed - Billy Bragg


Maxine's story


The Rosetta Life Diary - Feb 4 to Mar 4 | Apr 29 to Jun 27

29 April 2005

Amazing news, that Maxine is in remission, she has had a scan and has been told that the cancer has almost certainly of the first people she told was one can quite believe it...Billy is putting together a band of musicians in Weymouth for the recording...

Friday 10 June 2005

Recording the Rosetta Requiem Songs with Billy Bragg and 6 musicians at a house in Faversham, Southill, in Weymouth. Maxine, Mary and Veronica and her husband George all came along. The studio was a surprise - an extension, barely finished, at the back of a terrace house on an estate - but we all squeezed in.

'We Laughed' is gorgeous, with a lovely rolling accompaniment...we filmed Helena and Max discussing how it should be sung, and you could see Max was loving it...

Monday 27 June 2005

Max came into Trimar to watch the rough cut of the recording. She enjoyed it but was very preoccupied by the news that Jess has found a lump in her breast. This means that they are forced to confront the possibility of Jess having the gene sooner rather than later.

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