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The Angel and The Shepherd Boy -
Robin Walker


John Story had a tough farming life on the Cumbrian fells. 'The Angel and the Shepherd Boy' evokes the spirit of the landscape. He worked with composer Robin Walker on the song at the Penrith Day Hospice. If you've been affected by the song or face similar experiences, you may find the following contact details useful.

The Farm Crisis Network helps farming people through difficult times whether brought on by illness, anxiety, debt or isolation. There are local groups with members with farming knowledge who can respond quickly and confidentially to people needing help. There are also two national helplines:
FCN helpline for England, Wales and Scotland: 07002 326 326
FCN Helpline for Northern Ireland: 028 8676 5700

The Farming Help partnership publicises all forms of support for people suffering from different kinds of stress in rural areas.

The Penrith Day Hospice
Penrith Hospital
Bridge Lane, Penrith,
CA11 8HX