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John's Song - Orlando Gough

The Artists

John Dair

photo of John DairHi, My name is John and I am lucky. I have lung cancer but it wasn't until I was 71 that I was diagnosed, so that was lucky. I was born on 3-3-33 on my mother's 33rd birthday, yet again lucky, as she never forgot my birthday till the day she died. I married my wife Gina on 2-3-57 and we are still together, and having a wife and family like mine. Very lucky. I wasn't blessed with much in the way of brains, but I had a lovely singing voice from which I made a good living. Lucky?

Talking of which, I was topping the bill at the Old Time Music Hall when a man from the BBC asked me if I would like to do some TV work - and I said yes. Lucky? My first TV appearance was in 'Porridge'. My part was playing Crusher - the heavy. The rest, as they say, is history. I played many TV roles and in Commercials. I was in the Movies too and met some great people. Lucky? No, Blessed!

The Composer

photo of Orlando Gough Orlando Gough is one of the UK's most important composers for ballet, contemporary dance and theatrical projects. Collaborators have included Siobhan Davies, Alain Platel, Shobana Jeyasingh and Ashley Page of The Royal Ballet. He was Time Out Classical Artist of the Year 2001. He is co-composer with Richard Chew of music for The Shout, a multi-stylistic professional choir.

Works by Orlando Gough include: Tall Stories (2001) a staged song-cycle for choir about immigration to New York in the early 20th century, co-composed with Richard Chew; Saeta written for choreographer Ashley Page of The Royal Ballet, London; Late written for choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh. English National Opera commissioned a 20-minute work for 2000 amateur singers for the re-opening of the London Coliseum in January 2004.

The Shout is a blueprint for 21st-century choral singing
-- The Times

The Rosetta Life artist

photo of Chris Rawlence Chris Rawlence is Artist-in-Residence at Greenwich & Bexley Cottage, where he developed John's Song with John Dair and Orlando Gough. He is also a film maker, librettist, writer, Co-Creative Director of Rosetta Requiem, and Director of Video for Rosetta Life.

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