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The Light Within - Billy Bragg and Lisa Payne


Lisa's story


Lisa's Diary

image of Billy and Veronica I’d been coming to Trimar Hospice when we learnt that Billy Bragg was coming to help us write songs. I was panicking, I thought “I won’t be able to that’, I think we all did. If we hadn’t been given a push, I don’t think I would have had the courage to do it. I had heard of Billy Bragg but I didn’t know what he’d be like to work with, I just knew him from seeing him do political stuff on the television.

Once we went away and worked one to one, I was pleasantly surprised how nice he was, and how easy he was to work with, he wasn’t as scary as he looked. He made you feel at ease. I knew how I felt about my illness and he helped me express it, he gave me ideas about ways of turning my experience into a song.

It was scary when I first heard it, to think that I’d written a song, I

Lisa and Billycouldn’t quite believe it. It expressed what I felt and the upbeat music suited the words and the way I’ve been tackling the illness. I’m not too bothered about it being on the CD that was released, I care more about it pleasing my family and helping other people.


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