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Dragonfly - Julie Yount Morgan


Making it Happen


 Rosetta Life Diary

Stephen Petit Smith

Head of Exeter Health Care Arts

The project grew out of a long-standing connection between Exeter healthcare Arts, the hospital school and the BSO outreach programme. This team was then expanded to include the Ellen Tinkham School and the composer Julie Yount Morgan. When we began the project we had a member of staff worker who was to manage it. When she left unexpectedly early in the schemes development it became difficult to manage the various parts of the project. The work with young people went extremely well and the session produced some great music as material for the composition.

We were aware however that the young peoples ’voice’ was not going to be revealed in a direct way in terms of the dragonfly story. We decided to work through animation as a further layer of activity, this proved a very lively learning experience for the participants and we followed this with a printmaking workshop. The results of this element of the project contributed to a huge banner, which hung in Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum, and Art Gallery as part of an exhibition organised by Exeter HealthCare Arts to celebrate how art contributes to wellbeing. Reflecting on the project we feel that the young people had a wealth of opportunity to explore and express ideas about the cycles of life.

The project was complex in ambition and in terms of its number and variety of elements. The finished piece of music is a reflection of this complexity, and is a lasting testimony to a wonderful project.


Stephen Petit Smith

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