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Laryngectomy - Rosetta Life with Alec and Graham

The Artists

Graham and Alec

photo of Graham and AlecGraham Routledge was a long haul truck driver. He had never taken a day off in his life, but this all changed when his voice box was removed three years ago.

Alec Taylor, Graham’s grandson, had never used a video camera before. The film shows just how quick in the uptake young people are with digital technologies. But no amount of technical ability can substitute for the compassionate professionalism Alec brings to his direct address to the camera.


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The Rosetta Life artists

photo of helen marshallHelen Marshall is a digital artist, living in London. She works predominantly in public art practice, outside the gallery circuit. Her work explores photography and video, still life, texts, and objects, addressing social and individual identities. Organisations she has worked with include Muf Art Architecture, Clod Ensemble, Completely Naked, Rosetta Life and Space Public Arts. In 2004 she was Grand Prize Winner of the Nikon International Competition.

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